Raymond Piper

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Lower Hutt New Zealand
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Kapiti New Zealand
New Zealand Maori

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This is my little brother 23 we all called him Son, hes purposely trying to look tough here its all for show he looks rough around the edges but its just perception he was a softy a young man whos every weekend wothout a doubt he clocked into mum for hours on end a mummys boy! second eldest has a boy whom was 3 when he was taken but is now a handsome 12 yr old, he had the loudest laugh, never missed a birthday showed a up early to lend a hand, crazy on a motorbike, its been 9 years and i still hear him loud and clear i love you my bro

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More nieces and nephews that would of absolutely loved to have met you. I'll always make sure my kids know who you are and how much love you would of given them. Watch over your brother please, he takes things a lot harder then people realise. We love and miss you Son.


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