Our Fallen Heroes

Alan Marshall
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Our Fallen Heroes

When a celebrity dies, a sports person, movie star, a music heavy-weight, a political leader, we all stop and mourn that person’s life and the accolades flow from every quarter. Their passing is headline news for days and thousands pay their respects across social and traditional media.

And that’s appropriate especially for someone who has made a difference in our society and world. They’ve been on our screens and in our newspapers and somehow we all feel like we personally know them.

But for all the achievements that have made them famous and given them recognition, they are still someone’s son or daughter, a father or mother, a brother, a sister, a dear friend.

When people are taken from our lives particularly before time, out of the natural order of events, the impact is devastating. Children dying before their parents, parents or partners dying to young, siblings and close friends taken too soon. These precious people may not have reached celebrity status in the eyes of the world but in our eyes they have surpassed all of that, they are heroes, our fallen heroes.

We hold them in a status reserved solely for the elite and extraordinary, a place in our heart that can only be occupied by a few special people. There is not enough room to bear the loss of too many of these incredible souls. We honour them and remember them in a way that hurts.

They were gifts to us and we feel that we have had the privilege of their amazing lives being on loan to us, often for too short a period. They are not heroes because of what they have done, but because of who they are. A hero is somebody who has made a difference in our world and has left us better off.

These remarkable people have done just that. We will never be the same. They are our fallen heroes.



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