Is Love The Answer?

Alan Marshall



Is Love the answer?

We may all have our own perceptions of love, notions driven by fantasy or romance or shaped by family experiences and relationships both good and bad, but in a broad sense of the word, is ‘love’ really all we need?

The 1960’s gave us the mantra ‘make love not war’ based on free love – a rebellion against the machine, a world heading to the brink of nuclear war.

But what about this world here and now? What is the answer to the violence and hatred that we see around the world, the fear and loneliness that so many live in sometimes just around the corner or across the road never mind across the planet?

I’m in a privileged position at the moment as a grandparent with 4 little people 4 years old and under in our lives, and to me they are a living reminder of the simplicity of life.  I know as a parent it doesn’t always feel like that when you are tortured by sleepless nights and the relentless responsibilities of bringing up these wee humans.

Despite all of the challenges of parenthood, you know you love them and that they love you. They are actually made for love, and made to be loved. They are vulnerable, dependant, responsive and hungry for love. Parenting has to be one of the great gifts of life, one of the truly great privileges.

If you have lost a child you become acutely aware of this love. There is a raw empty hole in your heart that you know only that child can fill.  There is truth in the saying ‘Grief is the price we pay for love’ And there is something about this childlike approach to life, the simplicity and yet the power of love that we see in a child that points us back to the absolute truth that love is the answer. I see it in the lives of our little ones, but is also seen in the faces and hearts of every human being you meet.

Love is more than just a feeling, yes it will fill your emotional tank but it will also put bread on the table. Love is forgiving and kind but it can be tough when it needs to be. It treats others the way we want to be treated and looks out for the interests of others. Not only are we all wired for this kind of love, but it is only one good decision away. The choice to be kind, to be thoughtful, respectful and caring in some way.  Love is the answer and it is much closer than we think, that answer is within each one of us.

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