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Taken is a positive initiative enabling families and friends to place a timeless tribute to a loved one taken by homicide.

Taken has been set up to provide a community for people who have been affected by homicide. We hope that people who visit the site then join the Taken community, and are spurred on to make positive and meaningful changes in our communities ensuring these senseless deaths no longer happen.

The topic of homicide is incredibly sensitive and we have been as mindful as possible when creating the website and Facebook account. The template format for the tribute helps guide the family without being too overwhelming and we have included space for family and friends to leave short messages.

Our Facebook community provides an additional communication platform for discussion on the topics of homicide and how to improve our society through positive action, please join in the conversation here www.facebook.takenlifetrust

We welcome all your feedback, enquiries or suggestions so please contact us through

The website is currently managed by volunteers so please allow a day or so for a reply.

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